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New server release
by Andreas on Mar 18, 2013

Today TeamSpeak published server This release addresses some important issues:
- fixed hostinfo does not work with no running virtualserver
- fixed server hanging after serverstop (and other) commands
- fixed temporary passwords won?t work where channel names include / or
* improved indentation of server query help file

The new server software can be downloaded here.

All clients that can access servers running on 3.0.7 can also access the server release.

Android Beta 3.0.0 discontinued
by Andreas on Mar 18, 2013

Important information for Android users: If you are using the old TeamSpeak Beta App 3.0.0 (downloaded via Google Play Store/Android market) then you will experience issues when trying to connect to servers running the newest release. That client, originally created for TeamSpeak by Guild Software, Inc., is discontinued, i.e. there will be no update.

OLD Android Beta Client

Please get your new TeamSpeak Client Beta version (3.0.10) via our FORUM.

All users that participated in the recent open beta testing already have the required client and may continue using their TeamSpeak App. So if your client looks similar to the screens below you do not have to worry.

NEW Android Beta Client

New TeamSpeak3 Client and Server released today
by Andreas on Mar 4, 2013

Today we released a new client and a new server version of TeamSpeak3. With these releases we added new features and functions. Some of these for example are Opus as a new codec for our software and an updated QT for better Windows 8 compatibility.

Opus comes in a voice and a music mode. Opus voice is a sophisticated codec that fits all needs towards a great voice quality while still using hardly any bandwidth. Opus music provides a codec which will allow you to play music via TeamSpeak or even run a virtual chorus.

For a list of all new functions and features of the TeamSpeak Client 3.0.10 and TeamSpeak server 3.0.7 please check out the announcements on our forum:

Please note that the TeamSpeak Client 3.0.10 is required to connect to a TeamSpeak server 3.0.7. Our existing user will see upgrade information with the next start of their TeamSpeak Client. The new client remains backwards compatible, i.e. it can still connect to TeamSpeak3 Servers that are not yet upgraded to the newest 3.0.7 release, so there is no reason to delay the client upgrade.

iPhone users will have to update their TeamSpeak 3 app to version 3.1.0. This version is now available for download.
Android Beta users already have all code integrated to connect to TeamSpeak server 3.0.7.

We are sure that you will enjoy the new features and functions provided with this release.

Open Beta for Android
by Andreas on Jan 31, 2013

You may have already seen the message in your client, on our homepage or in the forum. We have finalized the closed beta phase and published the open beta client in our forum.
If you want to give the new and completely redesigned Android client a try please visit our forum to get the download instructions.

We would like to thank all the closed beta testers that helped us a lot in the development cycle.
And we want to congratulate Joshua from Kansas, MO, who participated in the closed beta testing and who has won the Razer Megalodon Headset!

Holiday Announcements
by Florence on Dec 21, 2012

Season's greetings from TeamSpeak!

The magic of the Holidays is in the air and the New Year is just around the corner. On behalf of everyone at TeamSpeak we want to wish you every happiness this holiday season, with good health and prosperity for 2013. As Christmas is upon us, it's the perfect time to take a break from work and cherish the warmth of the season with friends and family. As such, our company will be operating on limited staff during the week of Christmas and New Year's. In addition, our Non-Profit License (NPL) registration page will be unavailable starting Friday December 21, 2012 resuming normal operations on Wednesday January 9, 2013. Please also bear with us as you may experience some delays from our ticket system support staff during this time frame.

We again thank you all for your support this year, and for choosing TeamSpeak. May all the joy of this holiday season continue with you throughout the new year.

Good tidings and best wishes,

- TeamSpeak Team

Public Statement to NPL Users
by Florence on Nov 10, 2012

Dear Non-Profit License (NPL) Users:

In recent months we have seen a substantial increase in complaints about our new NPL policy. We therefore felt compelled to make a public statement to address the most common concerns which have been brought to our attention.

TeamSpeak was founded by individuals with a passion to build a powerful, quality, scalable voice chat solution for gamers. Initially there was no licensing system at all. Just like today our software was available for free download to the masses, and by the masses it was indeed obtained. TeamSpeak's popularity grew, and some people with the technical savvy, know-how, or an existing hosting business began to take it upon themselves to offer TeamSpeak server hosting...some for free, and some for commercial gain. It was soon realized that we could no longer ignore commercializing a component of our software for the purpose of facilitating for-profit hosting entities. Thus, the NPL was born to address the needs of most common guilds, clans, and non-profit communities while a commercial licensing and billing system was also created for entities which are now known as Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHPs). However, without an integrated license mechanism for TeamSpeak software itself, piracy primarily consisting of unlicensed users hosting servers for commercial gain continued to grow as quickly as TeamSpeak's popularity...that is, until TeamSpeak 3 was introduced.

As most people are aware, TeamSpeak 3 contains a powerful licensing system...a system which includes built in anti-piracy measures, license data which can be monitored, and a system whereby licensing can be enforced in more ways than ever before. In addition, our default TeamSpeak 3 server download includes a native 32-slot, single virtual server license which does not require registration of any kind, and is currently utilized by thousands of small gaming guilds and clans which do not necessarily NEED an NPL. However, some of our older policies surrounding the NPL have carried from TeamSpeak 2 to TeamSpeak such policy is the fact that we continue to allow 10 virtual servers per NPL. This "benefit" alone has been among the biggest source of abuse, piracy, and general issues we have encountered since the existence of the NPL. Many of you may not be aware that our dedicated customer support staff spends more time dealing with NPL issues which bring us $0 in revenue than all other customer queries combined -- both of which we must continue to support if we are to stay afloat as a company. Bottom line? NPLs actually cost us money to manage, maintain, and support...yet as a company we INSIST on their existence. We hope this brings additional perspective with regard to the magnitude of the problems we are facing with the NPL, and the amount of time and resources these issues consume from our team.

Our goal is NOT to eliminate the NPL for at its core, the NPL drives the very spirit and REASON for which TeamSpeak was invented in the first place. Instead, it is our desire to legitimize NPL operations in such a manner that they should be utilized by non-profit, non-commercial entities seeking quality voice chat for the sole purpose of facilitating communication within their own communities...and not necessarily someone else's. We want NPL licensees to be indicative of the very guilds, clans, and communities which have thrived over the years, rely heavily on TeamSpeak for their communication needs, and have helped us grow. It is for these reasons that our latest NPL policy changes have one primary goal in mind -- to minimize the abuse and piracy which unfortunately tends to fuel some NPL users. At this point, we can only promise two things: 1) there will probably be additional changes coming soon to further fine-tune our NPL policies and 2) regardless of such changes, the NPL is NOT going away.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the many users which have legitimately acquired NPLs for non-commercial purposes, and have spent countless hours contributing and being a part of TeamSpeak's growth and success. For this we honor you, and we hope you will continue your efforts. We recognize those of you in this category and we fully expect you to observe that the changes we are implementing will for the most part not affect you.

Our sincere regards,

- TeamSpeak Team

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