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Season's Greetings!
by Florence on Dec 24, 2011

Season's Greetings!

We would like to extend a warm Happy Holidays and an advance Happy New Year to all of you. May the 2012 new year bring you health, happiness, and prosperity. Since our final release in August 2011, it has been our pleasure to share with you all of the cool new features TeamSpeak 3 has to offer. We have also been pleased to announce other events which we are continuing to update and expand upon.

Here's a recap of some of our most recent accomplishments:
  • Official TeamSpeak 3 iOS and Android client were made available for mobile smartphone devices to help you stay in touch with your clan/guild on the go.
  • Our Addons site underwent numerous updates and improvements, most recently now highlighting some of the best community-submitted skins for your favorite popular online games. In addition, active members of our growing TeamSpeak community have submitted various icon packs, sound packs, and sophisticated plugins to further customize your TeamSpeak experience.
  • We also recently partnered with Overwolf to bring you full TeamSpeak UI functionality, IN-GAME. Overwolf delivers high quality notifications for the current person speaking, users joining or leaving your server, and much more. You can even record your gaming experience, play it back in-game, and share your videos through popular social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter so you can show off your mad skills!

For 2012, we have many new and exciting features currently in development which we can't wait to share with you. In the meantime, we wish you the best and thank you once again for choosing TeamSpeak and helping make 2011 a great year.

- TeamSpeak Team

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Overwolf Launches TeamSpeak Widget
by Florence on Dec 14, 2011

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Overwolf, a company specializing in developing in-game overlay software containing advanced web browsing, video capture and playback capabilities, as well as social networking widgets for online gamers. TeamSpeak users who install Overwolf will now be able to launch a TeamSpeak widget while they play to get FULL TeamSpeak UI functionality in-game. In addition, the widget includes in-game notifications for server events such as who has just joined or left your server and who is currently speaking. With Overwolf and TeamSpeak, users can also administer their server, change voice settings, manage channels or do just about anything they want with TeamSpeak without leaving their game.

"In-game support has always been one of the top feature requests from our users," said Florence Espinoza, CEO of TeamSpeak USA, Inc. "With Overwolf, we have found a way to extend almost the entire, vast feature set of communication tools TeamSpeak offers its players on the desktop now as a fully functional in-game experience."

"TeamSpeak is probably the most advanced communication solution available for gamers worldwide," said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. "In-game TeamSpeak support was one of the most requested features by our users, and we are very happy to deliver. This is an excellent utilization of our unique in-game technology and platform."

Check out the following video to see the Overwolf client with TeamSpeak widget in action:

...then visit and download Overwolf for free!


UPDATE: The initial release will only support the 32bit version of the TeamSpeak client (64bit will be supported soon). TeamSpeak users who don't want to wait for an update can simply uninstall their 64bit TeamSpeak client, download the 32bit version and begin using the widget immediately. Overwolf itself currently supports Windows XP, Vista and & 7 (32bit and 64bit) operating systems.

- TeamSpeak Team

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TeamSpeak 3 Final + iOS + Android Released
by Florence on Aug 10, 2011

TeamSpeak 3 Final Is Here!

We are proud to announce the release of TeamSpeak 3.0 Final. This officially brings open beta to a close. This also marks a huge milestone for us, and we want to thank everyone involved in supporting, testing, and providing feedback since TeamSpeak 3's initial public release.

In addition to 3.0 Final, we are pleased to introduce mobile client application support! A TeamSpeak 3 client can now be found in both the Apple Store and the Android Marketplace. We do not have any immediate plans to support Blackberry at this time. We welcome your feedback in our forums, and hope you will enjoy these new releases.

Thank you.

- TeamSpeak Team

Client 3.0.0-rc2 released
by Peter on Jun 9, 2011

Greetings everybody,

We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing TeamSpeak 3 client version "3.0.0-rc2" aka RC2. Compared to our last stable release, RC1, there are several noteworthy changes:
  • Replaced the RC1 sound pack with two new ones. One female and one male (you can choose between the two in the set-up wizard or in Settings > Options > Notifications). Also the old mic click sounds are back.
  • To allow easily (e.g. double click) installation of addons you can now create zip files with special file suffix that are extracted to the right location by a nice dialogue. We recommend any addons to be bundled like this for ease of use. Supported endings are: .ts3_plugin .ts3_style .ts3_soundpack .ts3_iconpack .ts3_translation .ts3_addon
    Detailed instructions for addons developers can be found in our forums.
  • Domains with non-ASCII characters work again (they were broken by the RC1 release).
  • Multiple fixes to the sound system (capture/playback), particular with Windows XP based PCs.

Complete TS3 client RC2 changelog follows:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-rc2 08 Jun 2011
+ Added banner resize mode to virtualserver settings.
+ Channel context menu "unsubscribe from channel family" is available as soon
as any subchannel is subscribed.
+ "Set Avatar" now is disabled without permission.
+ Added package installer for easy plugins/styles/soundpacks etc. one-click
* Plugin authors note: requestChannelSubscribe and requestChannelUnsubscribe
now take an array of channelIDs as parameter instead of a single channelID.
* Exchanged default soundpack with male and female soundpacks.
* Added soundpack page to setup wizard to select one of male or female.
* Select and scroll to own client after connecting.
* Fixed switching a fullscreen game to desktop when client is minimized and
showing the "warn while muted", the "entering moderated channel", the
"force push-to-talk" or the "maximum amount of clients reached" dialog.
* Client and server log windows now save and restore log level checkbox states.
* Added "Debug" checkbox to control debug output in client log window.
* Added "Delete" to channel permission to set i_channel_needed_delete_power.
* Plugin API: Added returnCode parameter to sendPluginCommand
- Support for international domain names readded.
- Removed validation of input text from connection connect and bookmark
address field, so that every address can be used.
- Fixed possible crash in AppScanner plugin with Umlauts.
- Added a missing separator within an invitation.
- Moved rest of the sounds into soundpack for more customized handling.
- Fixed that poke dialog no longer opens when nickname was changed.
- Changed the Push-To-Talk tooltip lines which were displayed in wrong order.
- Fixed displaying port when connected via invitation.
- Fixed errordisplay when family subscriptions on channels fail.
- Fixed dropping images from filebrowser into channel description when
connected on multiple servers.
- Fixed context menu to copy offlinemessage text.
- Limited the last mentioned URLs in systemtray context menu to 10.
- Fixed that image-descriptions near avatar are sometimes written over the edge
- Image in channel description was broken when overwritten with same name.
- Fixed that offline messages throws a warning when recipient wasn't found on
the server.
- Don't save empty subscribed channels list when quickly disconnecting again
from a server, loosing the subscribed channels.
- Fixed problem when binding hotkeys while joysticks were active that "pressed"
a button constantly.
- Fixed that TeamSpeak does not start as a result of broken input device
drivers. If detected TeamSpeak will at least start without usable hotkeys.
- Fixed ts3server:// links being overwritten by autoconnect bookmarks when a
bookmark for the linked server already exists.
- Windows installer no longer allows installing the 64-bit client on 32-bit
operating systems.

We look forward to your feedback. For discussion on RC2 please visit this forum thread.

Thank you,

- TeamSpeak Team

TeamSpeak to Attend E3 2011 in Los Angeles
by Florence on May 31, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending E3 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday June 8th, and Thursday June 9th only. If you are attending E3 and are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, please contact our Business Development department via our ticket system. We welcome any inquiries regarding business development, as well as meetings with current ATHPs or customers. We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

- TeamSpeak Team

Server 3.0.0-rc1 to be released MAY 23, 2011
by Florence on May 20, 2011


On Monday, May 23rd 2011, TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.0-rc1 will be released. We are proud to announce that this is RC1 or "release candidate 1" of the TeamSpeak 3 server which represents a significant milestone in our development process, and symbolizes the result of many hours of hard work, feedback, and dedication from both our dev team and alpha testers. Hence, similar to the recently released RC1 client, the RC1 server also introduces a number of updates and changes.

A complete changelog follows:

Symbols Used:
+ Added feature or noticable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

=== Server Release 3.0.0-rc1 23 May 2011
! mysql users, please alter your table channel_properties and
extend the "value varchar(255)" field to varchar(8192)
! mysql users, please alter your table bans and
extend the "ban_name varchar(255)" field to varchar(2048)
! server uses now 10 database connections (sqlite and mysql)
! added new parameter "dbconnections" for defining max database
connections to use (1-100) default is 10
! i_group_auto_update_type values changed
* channel permissions got their own needed/power permissions instead
of using the group labeled ones
* renamed i_client_modify_power > i_client_permission_modify_power
i_client_needed_modify_power > i_client_needed_permission_modify_power
i_client_max_clones > i_client_max_clones_uid
+ added new parameter "disable_db_logging" which turns off logging
to database (logview commands wont work anymore)
+ added the TSDNS server to the server installer. Read the documentation in
the "tsdns" subfolder for details
+ added permissions i_channel_delete_power, i_channel_needed_delete_power
i_channel_permission_modify_power, i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power
+ added permission i_group_auto_update_max_value
+ added permissions i_client_needed_whisper_power and i_client_whisper_power
that determine who can whisper to whom
+ Added total bytes transfered by filetransfer to serverinfo, hostinfo and
server connectioninfo
+ improved permission add/delete performance
+ channelgroupaddperm, channelgroupdelperm, servergroupaddperm, servergroupdelperm added
optional parameter "continueonerror"
+ uploading and deleting of icons will be logged if filetransfer log is enabled
+ added some indexes for speedup lookups regarding servers.server_port and messages.message_flag_read
+ added permission b_virtualserver_change_template
+ serveredit and serverinfo command can be used with use 0 to modify and display
virtualserver template values (serverinfo display is different from normal output!)
+ added server property VIRTUALSERVER_HOSTBANNER_MODE:
- fixed bogus mysql create script for channel_properties
- default groups cant be permanent anymore
- removing double group assignements on server start
- fixed problem where multi-line client descriptions where stored in database
- fixed query gave out wrong error messages
- fixed permreset did not remove icon_id assignments
- fixed double assigned permissions where deleted completly
- fixed channelmove / channelcreate not checking b_channel_create_child and i_channel_needed_modify_power
- fixed sql parameter errors while inserting defaults.sql
- fixed not removing privilege key on channel deletion
- fixed snapshotdeploy would fail on virtualserver_max_slots / virtualserver_limit reached
- fixed not checking correct permissions for CHANNEL_FLAG_MAXFAMILYCLIENTS_UNLIMITED,
- fixed not checking notifyregister / notifyunregister permissions
- fixed server critical while using notifyregister=server and multiple queries dropping at the same time
- fixed set channelgroup did not include channel name info in server log
- fixed create subchannel did not include parent channel info in server log
- fixed issue mac osx server uses 100% cpu
- Fixed a bug that could be triggered remotely and would cause the server to
shut down with a critical message in the log file.

Please note this server version fixes a vulnerability that could be used to shut down a TeamSpeak 3 Server remotely, causing the server to stop with a "critical" error log message. Therefore, we strongly recommend you upgrade all of your TeamSpeak 3 servers to the latest server version ASAP once it becomes available.

Thank you,

- TeamSpeak Team

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