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by Ralf Ludwig on Jun 26, 2008
Hi folks,

as usual, first off we are sorry for keeping you waiting for the new devblog for so long. We just like programming more than writing prose. ;) So, what have we been up to these last 4 months? The short answer is that we have been making excellent progress, let's dive into the details:

For the occasional devblog readers, let us remind you that TS3 software is currently in closed ALPHA testing. We had 6 testers the last time we mentioned it. However, due to the code slowly getting closer to feature completeness (=> BETA), we have nearly doubled that number - and now 11 testers are testing for bugs and suggesting changes day in and day out. Our expectation and hope is still to be able to get into Open BETA and provide you with something to download later this year! :)

Also, we should add that per above we are working with a few select companies to provide them with our TS3 Software Development Kit (SDK), which they are using to integrate voice communication directly into their software (mostly online games). The key advantage for the software companies working with us this is a nice opportunity to get high quality voice communication easily integrated into their software, while for us we obtain valuable feedback during testing and implementation. Since even the normal TS3 client uses the same code-paths as any SDK solution, we have received an enormous amount of valuable feedback which has directly helped advance our main product, the upcoming TS3 client.

One exciting, new thing about the SDK situation is that one of the companies we have been working with has actually released their game with TS3 technology fully integrated. The game itself has been around since 2004 and is a very entertaining, action-oriented space MMORPG. Additional details and relevant press releases should be out soon after this devblog is published.

Most of our time during the last several months has been spent on the permissions system, which we are sure you guys will like - the flexibility it gives you is just awesome. For example, let us tell you about "Talk Power". You (should) all know how the "Moderated" flag of a channel works with TeamSpeak 2: basically if it is set you need "Voice" or higher privileges to be able to talk in the channel. With TS3 we took this concept to the next level. You can now configure a "Minimum Talk Power" variable in each channel - this is a number between -100 and 100. Every client has a certain "Talk Power", which the user has received through the permission groups the user is assigned to (e.g. if we are in the "Talk" Permissions Group, and that group has a "Talk Power" of 20, then that would be our "Talk Power" - unless we also belong to a second group with a higher "Talk Power"). Now we can talk in every channel with a "Minimum Talk Power" of 20 or lower. Effectively this means that with a TS3 group setup similar to the hard-coded TS2 groups, you can now make a room where everybody can talk, one where only members and higher can talk, one where only server admins can talk, etc.... Or you could also modify the "Minimum Talk Power" of the channel on the fly (via a key-binding for example) to allow the raid leader to have a moment of silence where only he can talk. Of course the fun doesn't have to end there, the same power-principle can be done for kicking, banning, moving of other players, etc... you will have a lot of fun with this, we assure you :)

One thing we also added is a new codec which is optimized for ultra-high quality sound, e.g. for music streaming. Apart from the high quality, this codec also lends itself well to transmitting stereo sound. Of course most microphones only produce mono, but for transmitting music or those lucky guys out there with stereo microphones this new codec will rock.

Also, people running FreeBSD servers can now rejoice. We have always stated that for the final release of TS3 (or open beta or whatever you get to download first) we would have a TS3 server and client for:
  • Mac OS X (universal binaries, with both Intel and PPC support)
  • Linux (32Bit and 64Bit)
  • Windows (32Bit and 64Bit)
This list has now been expanded to also include a FreeBSD/x86 TS3 server build. Note that all of these builds are now frequently built by our build boxes, none of these is a "TODO" or "wishful thinking" item.

Lastly, one nice graphical feature we have also added is the ability to configure an avatar which will be displayed when people click on your name. This is similar to what is possible in our forums, and adds some personality to the people you talk with.

Until we meet again, please stay tuned to our site!
TeamSpeak 3 is making Good Progress
by Joselin Ludwig on Feb 21, 2008
Hello again!

We have some exciting news to report this month. Although there is still no TeamSpeak 3 client or server on our download page, TS3 technology has already been released in a different way. We are currently working with a small group of hand-picked companies that want to add VoiceCom functionality into their product. Most of these companies are game producers, that want to integrate a high-quality VoiceCom solution into their game, but we are also working with companies that have nothing to do with gaming. We (and they) are currently bound by legal agreements, so we cannot tell you what products are going to be released with TS3 inside, however, in time our Press Release area will be updated to reveal more info to you ;).

On development aspects, we are working full-steam on the few remaining gaps in our core systems. As for our sound system, we have moved from the previously used OpenAL framework to FMOD. We are sure this decision was well worth the effort and look forward to the benefits FMOD will bring us in the future. Much progress has been made on the permissions system and also a lot of effort has gone into one of our "surprise features", which we don't want to reveal at this point. Apart from the permissions system, there are no basic core parts missing anymore. Of course there is some work involved applying the finishing touches to the different areas, but we are fairly confident with the status of our core (which is why we have accepted the pre-release SDK projects mentioned above).

The most amount of work that still needs to be completed is in the user interface (UI). Since the new TeamSpeak 3 UI is still not quite as polished as we would like it to be, we have not presented you with a screenshot of our current client. There is light ahead though: we are currently evaluating work from several graphic artists to be considered as an icon set within the TS3 client. Once we have a presentable set of icons available, the chances of you seeing the first screenshots of a more complete TS3 client will rise dramatically :).

Thanks for reading! Until our next blog!
Client Scripting Capabilities and Translations
by Peter Strempel on Dec 17, 2007
Hi folks,

Looking at the forums, people seem to eagerly await the next developer blog entry. We apologize for being late. On the other hand, we are working hard on TeamSpeak 3, and - like our users - we want to see it released to the public sooner rather than later.

Since the previous blog entry we have done a lot of work on greatly improving the voice quality and transmission performance. Our goal is to offer our users crystal-clear voice quality powered by state-of-the-art technology. This requires time and effort, but we want our software to be the very best voice application available. The results so far are very promising, and we are confident most people will agree that TeamSpeak 3's voice quality is superior to TeamSpeak 2 and many other applications currently available today.

Another goal is to offer the option to customize and tweak the client to one's needs, while still making the overall application as user friendly as possible. Many settings will now allow the user to adjust the client's behavior and appearance, but the real power lies in the recently added ability to script the client with Lua. Lua is a powerful and easy to learn scripting language, used in many games out there such as World of Warcraft and FarCry. So some of our more advanced users might already be familiar with this language. Lua knowledge is in no way required to run TeamSpeak 3, but we hope that some folks will come up with great scripts to customize the client to their liking or cater to the special needs of their guild or clan.

Besides Lua scripting, which affects the functionality of the client, TeamSpeak 3 will also allow users to fine-tune the client's look and feel. So for example if you want to customize the appearance of the TeamSpeak 3 client for your guild or clan, you can easily do so. If you want pink buttons, you can have them. Well, then again you don't have to use pink buttons... :)

Another way to customize the TeamSpeak 3 client is by use of language translations. We have created a component which allows users to add translations on-the-fly directly using the client. The translation files are simply dropped into a special folder and the client can then be switched to the given language.

At the moment, the client's default language is written in English but we already have a German translation as well. This in mind, the main point is to have one test-run translating the application, so we can acquire some experience with internationalization and make sure our translation module works.

Users in our forums have had numerous translation requests recently. Our plan is to stick with English and German for now and add more translations once we enter our open BETA test phase. So no need to ask if you can translate TeamSpeak 3 at the moment, once it is available to the public you will be able to do it yourself and, if you so desire, send the translation files to us for review and possible inclusion in the official installer. Translating requires no programming knowledge and is actually pretty easy. Detailed instructions will be made available once we reach our testing phase in open BETA.

Stay tuned!
Some new Development Updates
by Sven Paulsen on Sep 18, 2007
Hello everybody!

Since our last developer blog entry we have completed numerous objectives toward completing TeamSpeak 3. As this blog's featured content, we want to provide you with the changelog of our latest ALPHA client release. Below you can see the original email which is sent by our build system automatically to all our closed ALPHA testers (and please don't ask - you still CANNOT apply to be an ALPHA or BETA tester yet):

Subject: New Client Release ******
To: ******
From: TeamSpeak - BETA Portal
Date: 18/09/2007 13:54

We have just added some new binaries to our BETA Portal website:
  • Linux 32-Bit Client
  • Linux 64-Bit Client
  • Windows 32-Bit Client
This is the description that we gave:
  • Improved core performance.
  • Ping values are not as accurate anymore.
  • Linux users can also bind mouse buttons as (part of) hotkeys.
  • Protocol changes that make old clients incompatible with the new server, so UPGRADE to this new version already :)
  • Also convert https:// and ftp:// links to BBCode URLs. Fixes Mantis #225.
  • Do not print empty lines to chatlog. Fixes Mantis #224.
  • Reset chattab alignment to left after using [right] or [center] BBCode.
  • Implemented URL Catcher. All typed URLs are collected and displayed in window opened in menu Tools -> Collected URLs.
  • Added support for translations. Files "translations/ts3_xx.qm" will be made available in Language dropdown box in application options. Changing translation requires to restart the client.
  • Added German translation created by dante696.
  • Better menu integration for Mac OS X client.
  • Faster way to scroll chattab to end of text.
  • Enclose URL links with BBCode in channel descriptions (fixes Mantis #258).
  • Added option to use brushed metal style (Mac OS X client only).
  • No "Switch Channel" menu item for contextmenu of current channel.
  • No double-click to attempt joining current channel (disabled for server stresstest).
  • Added key shortcut to Bookmarks menu.
  • Bookmarks manager window closes with ESC key.
  • New simplified options page to configure Hotkeys, replacing the old Bindings page.
  • New hotkey actions "Switch to Channel/Server/Next Channel/Previous Channel".
  • Show only one password dialog for each channel.
To gain access to the new release, please go to the address below:


Do not reply to this message! Any reply to this message will be deleted by our system.

The TeamSpeak Team

Once again, TeamSpeak 3 is still in closed ALPHA, and this client is NOT available for public download.

As you can see, we have quite a long list of changes (and these are only the changes since our last ALPHA client release, 14 days ago). We are still hoping to reach BETA stage (feature completness) before the snow melts.

Some of you might wonder why there is no Mac Intel/PPC, Windows 64-Bit binary listed in the email. This is due to the fact that our ALPHA team does not utilize these platforms yet. This certainly does not mean that these versions don't exist. ;)

Stay tuned to our site for more updates soon! We're excited to be moving forward!

Thank you!
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