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Developer Blog & TeamSpeak 3 Progress
by Peter Kirk on Dec 5, 2005
Hi folks,

With our new website, we are introducing a "Developer Blog" where you can get the latest, cutting edge information direct from the TeamSpeak developers. This has been a common request in our forums as many people were asking for feedback on what is happening "behind the scenes", so here it is!

As many of you know (at least those of you that read our forum posts often) for over a year now the dev team has been diligently working hard on the next version of TeamSpeak, dubbed "TeamSpeak 3". We know many of you have wondered "Why is the release of TeamSpeak 3 taking so long!?" Please understand, this is a complete re-write of the product from the ground up, using a different programming language (C++) which among a new, robust SDK and many new features will also introduce immediate cross-platform support upon it's initial release. We are making excellent progress at this time and expect very soon to be 'hand picking' several alpha testers from the TeamSpeak community to test TeamSpeak 3. Alpha testers can expect to see a completely new section of our website specifically designed for testing and feedback - all which will soon be made available after the release of the new TeamSpeak website you're visiting now.

Additional Info:
  • There is no official release date set for TeamSpeak 3 at this time, however, we are aiming for a release sometime in early to mid 2006.
  • Upon the release of TeamSpeak 3, both server and client will immediately be available for Windows/Linux/Mac. All platforms will be 100% feature compatible and feature rich so regardless of which platform you use, all new features will be available across all platforms on our launch date.
  • When we need additional testers, we will ask. Please do not spam us with emails or forum posts requesting to become a tester.
Stay tuned for more updates soon!

- The TeamSpeak Development Team
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