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TeamSpeak 3 is making Good Progress
by Joselin Ludwig on Feb 21, 2008
Hello again!

We have some exciting news to report this month. Although there is still no TeamSpeak 3 client or server on our download page, TS3 technology has already been released in a different way. We are currently working with a small group of hand-picked companies that want to add VoiceCom functionality into their product. Most of these companies are game producers, that want to integrate a high-quality VoiceCom solution into their game, but we are also working with companies that have nothing to do with gaming. We (and they) are currently bound by legal agreements, so we cannot tell you what products are going to be released with TS3 inside, however, in time our Press Release area will be updated to reveal more info to you ;).

On development aspects, we are working full-steam on the few remaining gaps in our core systems. As for our sound system, we have moved from the previously used OpenAL framework to FMOD. We are sure this decision was well worth the effort and look forward to the benefits FMOD will bring us in the future. Much progress has been made on the permissions system and also a lot of effort has gone into one of our "surprise features", which we don't want to reveal at this point. Apart from the permissions system, there are no basic core parts missing anymore. Of course there is some work involved applying the finishing touches to the different areas, but we are fairly confident with the status of our core (which is why we have accepted the pre-release SDK projects mentioned above).

The most amount of work that still needs to be completed is in the user interface (UI). Since the new TeamSpeak 3 UI is still not quite as polished as we would like it to be, we have not presented you with a screenshot of our current client. There is light ahead though: we are currently evaluating work from several graphic artists to be considered as an icon set within the TS3 client. Once we have a presentable set of icons available, the chances of you seeing the first screenshots of a more complete TS3 client will rise dramatically :).

Thanks for reading! Until our next blog!
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