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TS Sync Closed BETA will Begin Soon
by Sven on Nov 19, 2014

At this years' gamescom, we announced the upcoming release of TS Sync - an exciting new feature that will allow you to synchronize your server bookmarks, identities and more across multiple devices. Those in attendance had the exclusive opportunity to register for BETA and be among the first to test drive TS Sync.

TS Sync will be included as a standard built-in feature in upcoming versions of the TeamSpeak 3 Client. To use TS Sync, all you need is to create an account with us and choose a secret passphrase that will be used to secure your data. All the encryption and decryption is executed locally on your computer, tablet or smartphone so only you have access to your data.

The BETA test period will begin shortly and all testers will receive an email containing information and instructions. Stay tuned!

Learn more about TS Sync on our dedicated microsite.

TeamSpeak 3 Server released
by Andreas on Nov 11, 2014

We recently released TeamSpeak 3 Server The server is available for download here. Upgrading to server version 3.0.11.x requires some attention.

The are some major changes in the MySQL database plugin, as well as some changes regarding query clients and permissions.
We highly recommend making a backup of your existing database before testing and implementing this server, especially if you're using a MySQL database.

Most notable changes in this server release are:

  • The MySQL plugin was removed in favor of Maria DB. At least MySQL 5.5.3 or MariaDB 5.5 are now required to run the server if you don't want to use the default SQLite database. You must convert your current MySQL database for Maria DB and utf8mb4 support. Please read the documentation for further details and instructions.
  • Guest ServerQuery clients' permissions can now be restricted with the negate flag. Many users had problems with query clients spamming chat messages and channels and this change allows to restrict this without affecting regular users. New server instances will restrict this by default, however for existing instances you'll have to modify the permissions accordingly if you wish to have this effect.
  • Query client logins are now bound to the server on which they were created and only receive that users' permissions on the virtual server they were created and will be treated as guest on other virtual servers.

So please take a close look at the changelog if you upgrade from a version prior to 3.0.11.

New TeamSpeak 3 Client (3.0.16) released
by Patrick on Aug 6, 2014

The new version comes with two brand new (high resolution) icon packs, a new theme, and just a few minor bugfixes.
The icon pack will be changed to the new "default_mono_2014" pack if you are using the current default icon pack. If you prefer to use the classic default icon pack instead, you can switch it back and it will not be automatically converted again. Users with existing third-party icon packs will not be automatically changed to the new icon pack. The second new icon pack is called "default_colored_2014".

The new "Modern" theme will not be set as default automatically. You can enable it or make other individual changes further more in the "Settings" under "Options" > "Design".

For more changes and detailed informations please read our changelog.

TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.15 released
by Patrick on Jun 24, 2014

Today we released the new TeamSpeak 3 client 3.0.15. This version includes some new features and fixes.

- Overhauled update system for a faster and much smaller download.

- Multiple fixes and improvements to bbCode parser from 3.0.14.

For more changes and detailed informations please read our changelog.

App Developer Contest
by Andreas on Jun 23, 2014

A while back we here at TeamSpeak partnered up with Overwolf to provide you with a sophisticated overlay program.
In continuation of that partnership we are launching an exciting new app development competition!

We have a prize pool of $10,000 for developers to contend over in making the next best apps for Overwolf & TeamSpeak, using the new Overwolf Software Developer Kit. If you know how to develop apps or create Chrome extensions then you should participate.

Already developed a TeamSpeak addon? Great! Now you can easily add an overlay feature to it!

For more information check out our forum here.

by Andreas on Jun 10, 2014

It has come to our attention that there are Spam Emails sent in the name of TeamSpeak and TeamSpeak Support. In these mails users are asked to reveal their server query passwords due to alleged changes to the license agreement.

These emails are fake and not sent by TeamSpeak.
If you have received such an email please delete it and do not disclose any of your server query passwords or other important information.

We never ask for any passwords or other credentials unsolicited. If you as a TeamSpeak License holder open a ticket via our support system and a support specialist requires sensitive information in order to support you then he will ask you to log into our support system and to add the information directly to the relevant case. You should never disclose passwords or other credentials by email.

In case you have already answered such an email please check our forum here.

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