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Collector's Edition of Guild Wars® features TeamSpeak
by Florence Espinoza on Apr 26, 2005

A special Colletor's Edition of Guild Wars® will be available on the game's release date. This bundle will feature a 3 month TeamSpeak server hosted by Speakeasy/Game Daemons. Among other goodies, the bundle will also include a Logitech headset. The service itself will consist of an 8 slot server free of charge to the customer for 3 months. After the 3 month period expires customers will have the option of continuing service if they so choose.

Please visit the official Guild Wars® website for more information.

Speakeasy/Game Daemons launches TeamSpeak Initiative
by Florence Espinoza on Mar 18, 2005

TeamSpeak Systems and Triton CI & Associates, LLC are proud to announce Speakeasy/Game Daemons as our newest official partner.

TeamSpeak will now be featured in Speakeasy's GameCloud™ gaming initiative. GameCloud™ is an international infrastructure of servers, content repositories, online services and editorial properties that operate on multiple internet backbones and dozens of peering connections in order to deliver the best on-line gaming experience possible.

In addition Speakeasy is releasing TeamSpeak as a value-add to their broadband gaming packages. This will introduce TeamSpeak hosting by Game Daemons to all of their existing and new broadband subscribers. With an unparalleled infrastructure through its GDX platform and the Speakeasy network, Game Daemons is able to provide one of the largest geographic VoIP solutions in North America and Europe.

For more information on Game Daemons' TeamSpeak hosting services please visit

Happy Holidays
by Florence Espinoza on Dec 23, 2004

Wishing you all happy holidays and best wishes for the new year from everyone here at TeamSpeak.

Thank you.

ATTENTION TeamSpeak Users
by Florence Espinoza on Sep 1, 2004

In early June 2004, many users within the TeamSpeak community informed us of a possible virus issue - specifically with the keypress.dll file which is installed by the TeamSpeak 2 client.

Since we were informed of this issue the TeamSpeak Team has been heavily involved in trying to determine the accuracy of this claim. After rigorous internal testing and numerous phone calls into all of the major antivirus companies including Symantec (Norton AntiVirus), Network Associates (McAfee VirusScan) and Trend Micro, NONE of these companies can verify NOR deny that a virus actually exists in keypress.dll.

The Problem:
To the best of our collective knowledge, it is so far more likely that this is a false positive - meaning that the antivirus application is finding data in keypress.dll that LOOKS like the same sort of data found in an infected file containing the Trojan "PWS-Wexd" (virus)... even though the file is most likely not infected at all.

If you are still truly concerned that this may actually be a virus, please try visiting the following link:

This URL contains detailed information on the PWS-Wexd Trojan, including a section on indications of infection - which we have meticulously verified so far do NOT exist on anyone's supposed infected computer.

The Solution:
At this time we have put together a new TeamSpeak client installation executable.

Simply shutdown your TeamSpeak 2 client if it is running and re-install TeamSpeak using the new executable right on top of your existing installation and the problem should go away. It is NOT necessary to first uninstall your existing TeamSpeak client and you will also NOT lose your current address book and other client settings.

It is our every intent to resolve matters such as these in a timely manner... and with as much information to validate a working solution as possible. We want to thank you for your patience as we work through this issue.

Please visit the following forum thread for further information and discussion:

TeamSpeak 2 Server is Available
by Peter Kirk on Mar 10, 2004

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of the TeamSpeak 2 RC2 server. With this release it should be fairly easy to use MySQL as database instead of the default SQLite. Apart from some other small improvements many bugs were fixed, so the upgrade is recommended to all users out there.

Unless any major/critical bugs are found, this will be the last release for the TeamSpeak 2 series - we are now working with all our man power on TeamSpeak 3. Do NOT ask us when TeamSpeak 3 will be ready, we still have lots of work to do for it - it will be done when it's done. One thing that TeamSpeak 3 will be, is a complete rewrite in C++ - yes this means Mac support. We will post a news item in the near future with a partial list of features.

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