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TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.6 Hotfix 1 Released
by Sven on Jun 29, 2012

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of version of the TeamSpeak 3 Server. We have identified an issue which breaks functionality of the public Server List feature in our previous 3.0.6 releases. If you are potentially affected by the bug, then you will need to apply this update to recover from it.

Here's the full change log for versions 3.0.6 and

=== Server Release 29 June 2012
! fixed broken weblist

=== Server Release 3.0.6 21 June 2012
- fixed broken queryclient database deletion
+ complaints feature was improved to prevent abusing
+ complaints creation/deletion events will now stored in the server log
(client logging needs to be enabled)
+ ban rule creation/deletion events will now stored in the server log
(client logging need to be enabled)
+ channelgrouplist/servergrouplist now indicate i_group_needed_modify_power, i_group_needed_member_add_power and i_group_needed_member_remove_power values
+ added permission b_channel_create_modify_with_force_password
(forces clients to enter a password on channel creation)
+ added permission b_client_is_sticky
(prevents clients from switching channels)
+ added permission b_client_ignore_sticky
(ignores b_client_is_sticky)
* command packets will be compressed to reduce network traffic
(voice and filetransfer packets will not be affected)

As always, the update process is very simple. Simply extract the package file and overwrite all changed files on the server.

As always we'd love to hear from you about your experiences. And we are always available to help with issues you may encounter. Please feel free to drop us a line in our community forums if you have any questions or feedback.

TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.7 Released
by PeterS on Jun 21, 2012

We are happy to announce the release of version 3.0.7 of the TeamSpeak 3 Client.

Among multiple improvements and resolved issue this release comes with new hotkey systems on Windows. In addition to the existing DirectInput system there are two new hotkey systems "Default" and "Keyboard & Mouse". We hope to resolve existing problems, which some users encountered with the DirectInput system, by gently introducing the new Default system. For this release the old DirectInput system will still be active if there already are any existing hotkeys. Please visit the Options - Hotkeys Dialog to change the hotkey system and report any possible issues in this forum. In future releases the hotkey system will be changed to Default.

The complete changelog:

=== Client Release 3.0.7 21 Jun 2012
! Plugin API changed to 17
+ Added away hotkey with away message.
+ Added toolbar buttons set and delete for avatars.
+ Added saving of ban duration for presets.
+ Added ... tags for chat to prevent text in between beeing
replaced with emoticons. Note: It's strict so both tags have to be found!
+ Exported temporary password functions to Plugin API
+ New getClientDisplayname function in Plugin API (client name including custom
nickname, as configured in the contacts)
+ Added special return value of -2 to Plugin init function. See test plugin for
details. This return value should only be used in very rare situations.
+ Added two(windows only) additional hotkey systems for keyboard and mouse for
testing. The RawInput system can also handle joysticks and gamepads. Existing
hotkeys will be backed up and converted to make them also usable for the new
+ Added dialog when trying to send a server chat without permission.
+ Added new channel description preview (work in progress) which is a
replacement for the WYSIWYG editor.
+ Added "Enter Chat Message..." info text to chat field.
+ Added context menu to ban out of complainlist.
+ Added hotkeys to activate/deactivate/toggle 3D sound.
+ Added close Tab on middle mouse button.
+ Added readable error message if send to channel chat fails due to permission.
+ Added possibility to use custom country flag icons: If the folder
gfx/customCountries exists, country icons will be loaded from this folder,
otherwise as before from gfx/countries. gfx/customCountries won't be over-
written again from updater.
* Styles can now change the color of the newsticker text, see Bluesky style for
an example.
* Style authors: Chat line "Enter chat message" color now can be overwritten.
See existing default.qss style for example.
* Swapped skip/negated column in permission overview so it's the same order as
in the permissions tree.
* Request to start createfileassoc.exe to add .ts3_addon etc. file associations
to the registry can now be skipped with "Ignore" button.
* Mac OS X: Migrated config location from ~/.ts3client to ~/Library/Application
Support/TeamSpeak 3. The folder will automatically be moved the first time
TeamSpeak starts, if the old folder exists and the new folder does not exist.
* Warn user when connecting to a server and the server UID has changed in
comparison to the stored value in the bookmark.
* Compress command packets to reduce network traffic (voice and filetransfer
will not be affected)
- Running createfileassoc.exe will restore file associations to original if the
user had changed them manually in Windows explorer.
- Fixed copy to clipboard ts3file:// link tagging.
- Fixed some whisperlist dialog issues.
- Fixed some issues when deleting animated avatars.
- Empty banner files will be automatically removed so the client can retry
downloading the banner.
- Fixed creating empty registry key in HKCUSoftware on client start.
- Install path in package installer can now be manually edited.
- Tweaked package installer window size, was too small on Mac OS X.
- Package installer now asks if the installed addon should be activated.
Requires to restart TeamSpeak client to actually activate the addon.
- Fixed crash when using stylesheet helper hotkey on its own tooltip.
- Volume control plugin has been removed for now, there are too many issues
for too many users. The updater will automatically delete the DLL.
- Improved subscribe and local mute functions called by Plugins, they will
now do exactly the same like triggering the action via client UI.
- Fixed comboboxes in connect dialog and bookmarks which returned invalid
text when elided (including the "...", which resulted in invalid identities
or profiles).
- Fixed disabling "Rename" and "Delete" contextmenu in server-/channelgroup
permission windows. Requires server 3.0.6 or above.
- Fixed disabling the servergroup menuitems in a clients contextmenu, checking
own i_group_member_add_power against each i_group_needed_member_add_power.
- Fixed default value of "Play only important sounds when muted" dropdown in
the notifications setup.
- Disable all elements in the permissions window on anti-flood error to avoid
leaving the permissions in an invalid state. The user needs to wait some
seconds and then klick "Reload" to refresh dialog.
- Mac: Fixed crash when releasing a dragged tree item after disconnecting.
- Fixed client ignoring force-ptt permission when connecting to a server
without capture profile.
- Fixed away message in tree not checking the "Ignore away message" setting
from contacts manager.
- Not possible to send empty complains anymore.
- Fixed an issue when marking multiple offline messages as unread.
- Fixed appending wrong server chat log.
- Fixed checking folder entries on existing before opening otherwise it will be
reset to default home dir.
- Fixed channel description preview close.
- Fixed setting channel description which was wrong on sub channels.
- Fixed messing up radioboxes in capture setup when creating new profiles.
- Fixed extracting URLs on history messages broken by   spaces.

TeamSpeak Client 3.0.7 is available as Download or via the updater. We encourage users to update to this version.

TeamSpeak to Attend E3 2012 in Los Angeles
by ben on May 8, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending E3 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Tuesday June 5th, Wednesday June 6th and Thursday June 7th. If you are attending E3 and are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, please contact our Business Development department via our ticket system. We welcome any inquiries regarding business development, as well as meetings with current ATHPs or customers. We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

- TeamSpeak Team

TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.6 Released
by Sven on Apr 23, 2012

The TeamSpeak development team would like to announce the immediate availability of version 3.0.6 of the TeamSpeak 3 Client. This release contains required changes the lateast TeamSpeak 3 Server releases. In addition, we've continued to make several improvements to streamline usability and functions, such as temporary server passwords and support for animated avatars.

Here's the full change log for version 3.0.6:

=== Client Release 3.0.6 20 Apr 2012
+ Added temporary server passwords, see contextmenu on server. Temporary
passwords are valid for a specified period of time and work in addition to
the permanent server password. The server requires a permanent passwords
set, else temporary passwords have no effect. Needs server 3.0.3 or above.

+ Plugin API updated to 16
+ Added context menu "Paste & Send" in chat line.
+ The away message is now shown beside nickname.
+ Added multiselection for "Permissions > Channel Groups > Clients", the DEL
key works too.
+ Added ban reason sorting.
+ Added line markers for each chat line. Can be disabled via chat display
context menu (default is enabled).
+ Added ability to delete other clients avatar if b_client_avatar_delete_other
is set. Requires server 3.0.3 or above.

+ Removed the confusing soundpack "None".
+ Added animated gif support for avatar and channel description. Can be
toggled in Settings->Options->Design (default is enabled).

+ Added new permission b_client_request_talker, this allows clients to
request talk power. Requires server 3.0.3 or above.
+ Added news browser, meant to point users to new features in the client.
* Added name of the user who granted talk power to the message: "Talk power
granted by X".
* Utilities (update, error_report and package_installer) are now dynamically
* Plugin API changes: Added setPluginMenuEnabled, requestClientIDs,
onClientIDsEvent, onClientIDsFinishedEvent. Removed pluginEvent and
getAPIVersion. Removed plugin_events.h header.
* Added plugin hotkeys, see test plugin for details
* Added version string to uninstall registry entries for display in Windows
deinstall system control panel.
* Phonetic name can now be pre- defined per identiy but still be overwritten in
every bookmark.
* ts3server:// links can now be entered into the Connect dialog. Values from
this link will overwrite existing values from the dialog.
* Collected URLs are now saved in binary file instead of ini, much faster.
* Display server/channel group icons in group list of permissions window.
* All clients list can now also be searched by client unique identifier.
- Fixed contextmenu in chat on ts3server links
- Fixed opening the privilege key dialog without having the permission to see
the key list and also then, all created keys will be shown until the dialog
has been closed or list has been reloaded.
- Minor UI overhaul of privilege key list and add dialog.
- Fixed adding a custom ban even without the permission to list. When adding a
ban a dialog will show if the ban could be inserted.
- Empty ban list no longer shows "Insufficient permissions to view bans"
- Fixed opening URLs with different char encoding e.g. ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1)
having '%F6' instead of 'ö' in filename.
- Fixed opening text chat from a received poke on correct server.
- Fixed no colors in multiline messages.
- Fixed invitation if privilege key contains a plus sign.
- Fixed special HTML characters (<, > etc) getting lost in chat history
- Fixed special HTML characters in client description
- Clear old server log when connecting to a new server in the server log view
- Changed behaviour of the last tabs close button.
- Fixed broken avatar template values.
- Fixed poke message size limit when message includes URL(s).
- Fixed writing and reading chatlog history. Please backup or delete old chat
logs to start clean or you might feel some strange delay.
- Fixed bookmarks manager reporting unsaved changes.
- Fixed copying nicknames from chat if they contain whitespaces.
- Removed some repetitive settings from options dialog which are also
accessible via contextmenus in the client mainwindow.
- Adjusted client for anti-flood settings fix for server version 3.0.3.
- Fixed an assert with animated images.
- Removed animation of group icons.
- Sorting of server- and channelgroups should behave the same even with
identical sortID everywhere in the client.
- Added Delete keyboard shortcut to subscriptions dialog to remove entries
- Volume control plugin overhaul
- Fixed possibly invalid grant value displayed in permission overhaul
- Removed "Export to PDF" in permission overhaul
- Cleaned up client, channel and server info templates. Added list of all
replacable variables to templates so user can easily restore the removed
information with own templates.
- Removed clientID column from all-clients list
- Fixed banners not reloading anymore when the image was not available.
- Fixed bookmark drag&drop issues on Mac.
- Fixed crash when trying to send an offline message via fake link.
- Fixed copy and paste when text contains an image object.
- Fixed saving first-start-bookmark for not using hotkeys on a temporary uuid.
- Fixed hotkey toggle/activate/deactivate plugin.
- Fixed minor issues using animated gifs.
- Added workaround for G35 sound driver issue (voice only on right site)

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 3.0.6. For source downloads please visit our downloads page, or simply use the auto-update feature through your existing client.

Thank you!

TeamSpeak 3 Server Version 3.0.5 Released
by Sven on Apr 23, 2012

The TeamSpeak development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.0.5 of the TeamSpeak 3 Server. This release focuses on improving the reliability and security of several features.

Here's the full change log for version 3.0.5:

=== Server Release 3.0.5 23 April 2012
! MySQL users, please alter your table server_properties and extend the "value" field from VARCHAR(255) to VARCHAR(2048)
! privilegekeylist no longer shows groups which does not match i_group_needed_member_add_power and/or i_group_member_add_power
+ added possibility to give a channel password when creating a temporary server password
(check docs for details)
* the following actions will reset client idletime: logview, clientdblist, complainlist, complainadd, talkower grant/revoke
+ clientlist can also show ips (paramter -ip)
- fixed an issue were channel properties saved two times on create or edit
- fixed an issue were clientdbdelete did not delete avatar files correctly
- fixed invalid ident names for virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block and virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block
(breaks client-side serveredit below version 3.0.6)

Note that a TeamSpeak 3 Client version 3.0.6 is reqired to use some of the new features.
All server providers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 3.0.5. As always, simply extract the package file and overwrite all changed files on the server. Please continue to report bugs as they are discovered.

Thank you!

TeamSpeak 3 Server Version 3.0.3 Released
by Sven on Mar 19, 2012

The TeamSpeak development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.0.3 of the TeamSpeak 3 Server. This release includes an exciting new feature - temporary server passwords. This allows admins to add additional passwords to their server that expire after a specified amount of time. This is a great way to grant temporary access to guests without having to change the default server password afterwards. In addition, we've added two new privileges to further increase the flexibility of our permission system.

Here's the full change log for version 3.0.3:

=== Server Release 3.0.3 19 March 2012
! permissions updated to revision 14
+ added temporary serverpasswords: servertemppasswordadd, servertemppassworddel, servertemppasswordlist
(check docs for details)

+ added new permission b_client_request_talker to control who can request talk power
+ added new permission b_client_avatar_delete_other to allow deleting avatars from other clients
+ ftinitdownload and ftinitupload now show bound ips
- fixed queryclient antiflood bug

Note that a TeamSpeak 3 Client version 3.0.6 is reqired to use some of the new features. A pre-release build can be obtained using our public BETA channel. Use at your own risk!
All server providers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 3.0.3 to prepare for the upcoming client release. As always, simply extract the package file and overwrite all changed files on the server. Please feel free to drop us a line in our community forums if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in our products!

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