Unofficial TeamSpeak Mac OS X Client in BETA
von Florence Espinoza am Oct 17, 2005

It has come to our attention that an unofficial, 3rd party Macintosh client application for TeamSpeak 2, known as TeamSpeex, has been made available to the public. We have confirmed through various sources that this Mac client does indeed work well with TeamSpeak 2 servers. Further feedback indicates that TeamSpeex itself is not quite as feature-rich as its Windows/Linux counterpart and that it only supports the Speex codec. However, it does allow you to connect to a TeamSpeak 2 server, switch between channels, and contains a push-to-talk option for speaking with other TeamSpeak users.

At this time we are trying to work with the author of TeamSpeex to determine where this application can be obtained or downloaded. We also have not yet confirmed whether TeamSpeex will eventually have its own forum for technical support or open discussion. Hence, in an effort to avoid confusion and negative feedback in our own forums, we have begun (and will continue) to delete any forums topics related to TeamSpeex until we have fully assessed the direction upon which the TeamSpeex author wants to go. It is our understanding that TeamSpeex was briefly made available to the public last week and since then we have received massive traffic and inquiries on the application. Please note that our official position at this time is that clearly, we are acknowledging the existence of TeamSpeex, that it is an unofficial 3rd party TeamSpeak 2 client application for the Mac, and that in no way are we affiliated with TeamSpeex. Please also note that we cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages that may arise from the use of the TeamSpeex application.

Update - Oct 24, 2005
The TeamSpeak Team was happy to engage in a meeting today with the author of the 3rd party, unofficial Mac OS X client for TeamSpeak 2. We will soon be linking back to the TeamSpeex download page from our download area, where you can obtain the latest release version of TeamSpeex.
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