TeamSpeak 3 Open Beta Has Begun!
by Florence on Dec 19, 2009

Season's Greetings to all our fellow TeamSpeak communities! The wait is finally over as we are pleased to announce that TeamSpeak 3 open beta has begun. All platform releases (Windows/Mac/Linux) for the TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server can now be found on our updated Downloads page.

A free evaluation of the TeamSpeak 3 SDK is also now available for download. This means you no longer have to apply to request an eval. The TeamSpeak 3 SDK server eval is limited to 1 virtual server and 32 slots and requires Internet access. If your integration project contains special needs (eg - private military or private LAN enviornment) please contact for assistance.

Please also keep in mind that the TeamSpeak 3 SDK is designed for integrating TeamSpeak voice comms technology into an existing product or service. Developers who are interested in scripting, automation, writing plugins which pertain to the TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server, etc. should NOT need to download the TeamSpeak 3 SDK. Instead, these developers should focus their attention toward TeamSpeak 3 Server query documentation as well as our new TeamSpeak 3 Plugin SDK which is also located on our Downloads page.

Last but certainly not least, a special thank you goes out to everyone involved in the closed alpha and beta testing phases, as well as all pre-release ATHPs and hosters, and anyone else that has assisted us in making TeamSpeak 3 a reality. A sincere and humble THANK YOU to all of you.

We look forward to your feedback and we wish you the best for the 2010 New Year.

Thank you.
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