Premium Support
Premium support is offered to licensed customers via our sales, licensing, and billing company TeamSpeak USA, Inc. If you have purchased a TeamSpeak license, simply log in to your account, create a trouble ticket, and one of our friendly staff will respond to you usually within 24 business hours. All new tickets will automatically be given the highest priority by either our sales or technical support staff. You will also automatically receive an email each time our staff responds to your ticket to alert you that a new response is available. Please contact if you have any questions about premium support.

Community/Free Support

If you have not purchased a license or you are using TeamSpeak within a non-profit organization, free technical support is available as follows:
  • Community Forums - In addition to knowledgeable users and volunteers which frequent our website, TeamSpeak has staff dedicated to answering most technical support related questions posted in our forums.
  • FAQ - The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section of our website can also typically help answer most of your common questions.
  • IRC - We also have a dedicated #TeamSpeak community IRC channel on where you may find assistance to your technical support questions.

If you want to "test drive" TeamSpeak or you're simply looking for general information on how to get started please try visiting our Getting Started page.