TeamSpeak 3 SDK

The TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a complete integrated solution for online games, virtual worlds, social networks, military simulators, education, or any application where up to thousands of users require crystal clear simultaneous voice communication. TeamSpeak technology provides cross-platform support, strong brand recognition, advanced codec implementation, and complete control over your network infrastructure resulting in stability within your product while minimizing multiple points of failure. Consider the cost savings of not having to change your code across any platform and save months of development time. Let us save you the hassle of designing a voice solution and hand you a proven, recognizable brand your users are already familiar with.

Why use TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is one of the strongest and most respected brands among online gamers. It is used by millions of online gamers each day and it is among the most popular and successful voice communication tools ever created. TeamSpeak has been leading the VoIP online gaming sector for over nine years and was one of the first applications to offer a flexible, feature-rich, quality VoIP solution to gamers around the world. TeamSpeak technology is also a proven social networking tool which can easily be integrated into your existing game or application. Gamers have been using TeamSpeak's features for years to bring vibrant social networks to life while facilitating communication among some of the most competitive environments ever created.

Cross-Platform Collaboration

Whether your application runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or all three, TeamSpeak 3 interoperates across platforms. This ensures your users can always communicate regardless of their computing platform. The TeamSpeak 3 SDK currently provides full-featured client and server support for the following platforms:

Operating System Architecture
Microsoft Windows x86, x86_64
Mac OS X x86, x86_64
Linux x86, x86_64
FreeBSD x86*, x86_64*
* TeamSpeak 3 Server support only.

Support for mobile platforms is available upon request. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Simple, Cost-Effective Middleware

The TeamSpeak 3 SDK is fully optimized to take advantage of new high quality codecs which are unmatched in voice quality. With over ten years of experience our engineers have written the SDK with integration in mind providing you with a powerful, easy-to-use solution to meet even your most challenging voice communication needs. We have created a flexible, cost-effective licensing program with every type of budget in mind, from small-scale to large-scale, FPS to MMO, and even increasingly popular play-for-free games. We believe that cost should not be an obstacle for implementing a quality VoIP experience for your users. Shorten your time to market by making use of a proven high-quality middleware solution. Our team is available to assist you, benefit from our free kick-start consulting.

For Developers

Architecture Explained

Our cross-platform Software Development Kit is the core foundation to all TeamSpeak 3 products. It consists of the ClientLib and the ServerLib, delivered as shared libraries with a C-style programming interface to provide developers direct access to the diverse and feature-rich set of TeamSpeak 3's core functions using simple API calls. With a standard C interface, the TeamSpeak SDK can be easily integrated into high-level programming languages. No matter what technology your application is using, the TeamSpeak SDK will fit in.

TeamSpeak 3 uses an optimized cross-platform sound system offering advanced features like 3D positional audio playback and access to raw voice data. This allows you to set positions for your sound sources in three dimensional space and lets you record or modify audio steams as they are captured and played back. This offers the possibility to apply audio filters and general audio customization, as required by your product. The possibilities are virtually endless using the TeamSpeak 3 SDK.

The TeamSpeak SDK provides full support for our proven voice server technology. It is built with flexibility in mind to integrate successfully into small and full-scale solutions, while TeamSpeak scales as your projects requirements increase.

For more information or to discuss our flexible licensing options for our SDK integrated solution please contact us.