TeamSpeak 3 SDK Delete a Channel

Hello Channel Deletion


This article will guide you through deleting a channel on a TeamSpeak SDK server.

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Delete channel

To delete a channel, we are using ts3server_channelDelete.

unsigned int ts3server_channelDelete( uint64 serverID,
    uint64 channelID,
    int force);

The ID of the virtual server on which the channel should be deleted.

The ID of the channel to be deleted.

If 1, first move all clients inside the specified channel to the default channel and then delete the specific channel. If false, deleting a channel with joined clients will fail.
If 0, the server will refuse to a channel that is not empty.

Example Code

Now we're ready to delete a channel on the TeamSpeak SDK Server.

uint64 server_id;
unsigned int channelID;
unsigned int error;
int force = 1;
if ((error = ts3server_channelDelete(serverID, channelID, force)) != ERROR_ok)
    printf("Error Deleting Channel: %d\n", error);


You have deleted your first channel on a TeamSpeak Server using the TeamSpeak SDK and have learned about channel deletion.