Client 32-bit 3.0.14  
SHA1: e084d384f11f7432975bf33f05581c2839c395e2
Client 64-bit 3.0.14  
SHA1: 458e87f2295b4cbcf448de317acfef568d079c24
Server 32-bit  
SHA1: 55b48eb27ea1d414228281d561aba0c5fbb37a4b
Server 64-bit  
SHA1: 3ec4f88bd5f4821c694a79d175b06c3a70331fef

Mac OS X
Client 3.0.14  
SHA1: 75fd5e6411bf1a2679492360339010610c5d9a07
SHA1: a6ed44ffc152417dfe7757175f4094ae7526efef

Client amd64 3.0.14  
SHA1: 570845a9865843766ab3d2fd4a2865cf45e03243
Client x86 3.0.14  
SHA1: 944f77e04d9ff8c89d7ae7cea2e87e184907f3da
Server amd64  
SHA1: e813b69247aa5696decd579a4d7e19e0e90ca9af
Server x86  
SHA1: bf6ede0f487fcfe6e1b093fcf00c5ba646f35f89

iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad)
Client 3  

Client 3  

Server amd64  
SHA1: dfacd9b0f0a3c0f53b53df042af3d508696b147d
Server x86  
SHA1: d8461c9ebc6ad5e4500d721257e253daab3b47b4

TeamSpeak 3 SDK (for integration with existing products/services)
All Platforms 3.0.2  
SHA1: f467e9232875acf52b53116a7c70daea3486245b

Client Plugin SDK
The client plugin SDK is now included as part of the TeamSpeak 3 client, and can be found in the pluginsdk subdirectory where your TeamSpeak 3 Client is installed.

For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\pluginsdk

We strongly recommend that you do NOT download TeamSpeak from any website other than our own. Key reasons for this are:
  • Downloading from our site ensures that you will always have the very latest, virus-free version of our product.
  • You must acknowledge our License Agreement prior to downloading. Downloading from our website ensures that you are presented with the latest version of the TeamSpeak End User License Agreement.

You may NOT mirror our files or link directly to our files without our express, written permission. However, you may link back to our download page or our website's home page using our official Media Kit graphics. Please contact if you have any questions.